What You Should Know About Online Slots

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If you want to play online slots and win real money, there are some things you should know before you start. In this article, you’ll learn about Scatter symbols, Wild symbols, Bonus rounds, and Branded slots. While these features may seem fun, they can be extremely addictive, empty your bank account, and put you in debt.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols are an important feature of online slots. The role of these symbols is to increase the chances of winning the game. Wild symbols may be a number, a character, or a combination of both. The wild symbol in Crazy Crocodile, for instance, is a crocodile.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in online slots are symbols that can trigger free spins, mini-games, and other win-boosting features. They do not have to form combinations to activate special features and can be one of the highest-paying symbols. They are represented by specific graphics depending on the game.

Bonus rounds

Online slot games with bonus rounds are a great way to win additional money on top of the regular prizes. These rounds may include sticky wilds, free spins, or multipliers based on certain combinations of symbols. Many of these games can also be played on mobile devices. Adding bonus rounds to your game will help you experiment with different strategies and increase your odds of winning.

Branded slots

Branded slots are slots that are licensed by a certain company. These games require copyrights and must have an official logo in the corner of the game. These games may be themed around anything from popular TV shows and movies to music. Music-themed slots will usually feature music from famous musicians.

Free-to-play games

Free-to-play online slot games are widely available on the internet, and they do not require you to register or provide any personal information. With the rapid growth of online slots, developers have come up with a wide range of games. One of the most popular slot games is The Eye of Horus, a non-progressive slot with five reels and ten paylines. It is based on an Egyptian theme.


You can determine the RTP of an online slot machine by looking at the jackpot amount. Progressive jackpots typically start low but increase with each spin and bet placed. They eventually reach a break-even point when the RTP of the slot exceeds 100%. This point is when the winnings from a progressive jackpot will be less than the cost of playing the game itself. This is because the casino has already made a substantial amount of money.